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Trucking requires the full concentration of the drivers, and not just for the sake of other motorists. Truck drivers have to deal with other motorists, weather conditions that are often diverse and unpredictable and wandering wildlife. All this happens while operating extremely large rigs, most of which carry heavy and dangerous loads. The mistakes for the truck drivers are more costly and have a higher stake than the typical driver. This is perhaps why it might seem like the authorities take it commercial driver’s license and trucking violations more seriously in many cases.

For the individual operating a commercial heavy truck or the company with a huge fleet, this is one of the most important considerations when hiring drivers. There are certain stringent requirements that have to be met for the drivers to remain qualified to operate with a CDL. There are certain traffic violations, both in the commercial vehicle and the driver’s personal vehicle, that affect the eligibility of the driver to handle the commercial motor vehicle.

Ultimately, it is the role of the employee or vehicle owner to make sure they do not have unqualified drivers handling their vehicles. To make sure employers comply with this rule, there are legal safety nets meant to protect them and encourage safety. The more important one has to do with the requirement on drivers to notify both the state and their employers of any convictions. The second makes sure the vehicle owner or employer reviews the driver’s history to make sure they are disqualified. Whatever the case, it is important for an employer, truck driver or vehicle owner to understand the legal rules and repercussions that surround the issue of trucking violations and CDL issues.

The major offences

Anyone that handles trucks or has a CDL must understand the most serious offences; here is a list of some of the transgressions that are frowned upon by the authorities;

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, or refusing to undergo testing
  • Using the vehicle in the commission of a felony that involves the manufacture, dispensing or distribution of a controlled substance
  • Using the vehicle in the commission of a felony
  • Being under the influence of a controlled substance
  • Leaving the scene of an accident involving a commercial motor vehicle

Other CDL related transgressions include driving with a blood alcohol level of over 0.04, driving with a revoked license or driving after being disqualified or causing an accident due to negligent driving of a commercial truck.

Traffic violations that involve CDLs can get complicated fast, and if you are in a business that relies on qualified, competent drivers and timely truck deliveries, you might suffer. If any of your drivers have had traffic violations concerning commercial driver licenses, then perhaps it might be time to seek the services of a good lawyer.

CDL and Trucking Violations lawyer

Choose a lawyer who is familiar with the legal processes involved in the revocation of commercial drivers’ licenses. The law is somewhat different and stricter, given the stakes for the drivers, their cargo, other motorists and pedestrians. When choosing a lawyer to deal with the CDL revocation and trucking violation cases, choose the one that knows the difference between the typical traffic tickets on a personal car and what it means for the truck driver.

It is equally important to choose a lawyer that has been in the game long enough to understand the life of a truck driver and their tendencies. It is almost impossible to get a favorable result without the contextual understanding that comes from knowing the intricacies of life as a truck driver.

The local context

Every region has its own laws, and in Indiana, the rules are somewhat different. Choose only the lawyer that understands local rules as well as the general rules and regulations. One thing to keep in mind is that CDL violations cover both instances when driving the commercial vehicles and trucks, as wells as the driver’s personal vehicles.

Understanding CDL law starts with knowing the basics. One needs an Indiana CDL if they operate a vehicle that falls under one of the following categories;

  • Vehicles with a gross weigh ratings of over 26,000
  • Trailers with a gross weight rating of over 10,000
  • Any vehicle, bus or carrier that can carry more than 16 passengers
  • Any vehicle involved in the transport of hazardous material

Obtaining a CDL requires the driver to pass a rigorous general knowledge written test and a driving test in a commercial vehicle. It is essentially agreeing to take responsibility for any commercial and personal vehicle driving according to state and federal laws.

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The complexity of the CDL and trucking violations, and the potential repercussions it has, both for the driver and their employer or company, make the inclusion of a lawyer important in dealing with a violation. Let the qualified and experienced lawyer at Semko Law Office help you navigate the legal murky waters. Contact us today for help with CDL and Trucking violations.