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Child and spousal support cases are very rarely ever smooth sailing. Both sides will likely be affected by the negative emotion involved in the process, and coupled with the various misconceptions they come with, make the process immensely difficult. Any positive steps will likely only be as a result of the lawyer. Success in such a case is heavily dependent on the approach a lawyer takes. Here are some of the things to look for in a lawyer when dealing with a child and spousal support case.


The best in the business have excellent communication skills. A good lawyer must be an effective communicator in the courtroom, able to convince the judge of their point. Presentation can make or break any case. A good lawyer must also be able to communicate with their clients, listen to their cases and provide good legal advice when they need it. They must be able to follow complex legal arguments and be able to analyze the important points of their clients. Communication sometimes is a matter of developing a theory for the case. There is a lot of noise surrounding such cases, and the most effective lawyers are those that are able to break down the complex information and present a concrete strategy to their clients in words they can relate to.


Every good lawyer must be able to make good judgments. The spousal and child support case environment depends a lot on the nature of the past relationships between the partners and what they want from the process. However, there is still a huge place for legal arguments. Every scenario is different, and there will always be different potential paths to follow. The best lawyer in a family law scenario is the one that has the ability to choose the right path to follow when trusted to make important decisions. A career in law involves taking in a lot of information all at once. A good lawyer must be able to organize the information in a logical manner and make sense of it.


The chances of a favorable result from a child and spousal support case depend on the experience of the lawyer. Strictly speaking, the more experienced the individual, the higher the chances that they will know how to handle problematic situations. A lot of family law cases are decided based on instinct and intuition, and the power of this is built through experience.

But having handled family law, child and spousal support cases is only one half of the equation. The other half involves local experience. Every state has its family law legal department, with judges and prosecutors with different inclinations. Local experience means understanding the small differences, legal or otherwise, that might make a difference in the case.

Sometimes, a strong reputation in the local courts might help. When one hires a lawyer that has a strong record, the chances of them arriving at a deal are high, not only because of the skills of the lawyer but also because of the element of fear.

The system

The family court system in many states is not exactly ideal, and things are likely never going to be as they should be. There are parts of the legal system that can almost seem cast in stone and unfairly so. You might feel like the judge or the custody evaluator is not giving a good reflection of events. However, it is important to find the lawyer that not only understands the system, but knows that it cannot be changed, at least not easily. There are thing that can be fought and challenged, and then there are those that can one can only work around. Make the case about the case, and not necessarily the system.


At the end of the day, the aim of spousal and child support is about the kids and the partner. It helps to remember this and remain objective during the case. Do not let the strategy be about showing the other party as bad or irresponsible. Let it be about the positives rather than the negatives.

A deal

Just like any other legal proceedings, there is always the chance or the opportunity to make a private deal outside the court. Sometimes, the legal system encourages such scenarios because they free up the time of the court to handle other cases. Such an agreement might seem like a good idea, but it must be made wisely. Seek sound legal advice before making these decisions.

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