Drug Offenses

Drug Crimes Attorney – Lake County Indiana / Northwest Indiana

Every year, there are thousands of people arrested over drug charges. Regardless of the facts involved in the case, these charges form a large percentage of the cases that pass through the courts. With the legal system already flooded, it is highly likely that the arraignment and sentencing will be routine. With a good lawyer, though, it is possible to fight these charges and get a favorable ruling.

When charged with possession, or any other drug related charges, the defense is difficult, but not impossible. Depending on the jurisdiction, there are possible avenues and strategies that can be useful in fighting such charges. For instance, in some jurisdictions, there are programs that allow those caught with small amounts of substances in their car or on their person to attend some sort of rehabilitation program, pay fines and court costs. When these obligations are completed, the charges will then be dropped and no conviction will be recorded against the individual’s record. Still, every case is different, and relying on the goodwill of the other side is not a particularly comforting strategy from a lawyer. To deal effectively with drug related offences, you need a good lawyer.

The lawyer

There are several means of finding the best lawyers in the business. Ask around from friends, family or acquaintances at work to find out whether they have hired an attorney before. If you find anyone that has, ask them about their experiences, what they thought about the lawyer and whether they would consider hiring the lawyer again. Ask them about the firm, how they were treated and how the case was handled. At Semko Law office, our reputation precedes us. We are one of the most successful and dedicated law firms, and our record dealing with drug related offences is stellar. When you ask around from any of our past clients, we make sure the answers they give will always be a positive one. For every single client, our goal is to have them leave with their expectations met and then some.


Before making a choice on the lawyer to go with, take a moment to consider the qualities you want in your drug crimes lawyer. The first thing people ask about is whether the lawyer has experience representing individuals facing similar charges. They will then want to know the strategy the lawyer will take and whether it aligns with their overall goals for their defense. This calls for a little legal knowledge, and a lawyer that is confident enough to tell you their plans for the trial. Do not simply accept assurances of winning. Have the lawyer detail their plan, how they plan to execute it, and how you might help during the proceedings.

The fees

This is one of the most sensitive topics in the legal process; one that ends up complicating the process of choosing a strong drug charges defense lawyer in most scenarios. The most important thing here is value for money. Most people advertise themselves as being low cost, but does that really translate into quality services? On the other hand, some of the higher cost lawyer might not necessarily provide the best possible defense. Whatever the case, choose only the lawyer that you are confident will give value for the money paid to them.

Individual or firm?

One of the oldest dilemmas in the process of choosing a legal representative is whether to go with the individual or with a large law firm. It is often said that the individual will give personalized attention to the client, while the law firm attorney will likely have a lot on their hands, but this is hardly ever the case. The true advantage of the law firm is that they bring with them the power of a reputation and resource allocation. There is only so much one can do alone when they run their own operation. In a law firm setting, once a lawyer is assigned to your case, you will have all the resources of the company at your disposal. At Semko Law Office, when dealing with drug offences, we assign a lawyer or more to a single case, and once this is done, they give the right attention to the case to the end. We are not afraid to share our strategies with the client, and will often make sure we are on the same page before proceeding.

Personal relationship

Drug cases can get ugly, and this requires a strong bond between the lawyer and their client. As much as is professionally possible and appropriate, we encourage our lawyers to build the kind of rapport that will help them forge a strong defense.

Drug cases normally have a lot of big words thrown around, and straight from the onset, things will normally seem stacked against the defendant. When you visit Semko Law Offices, we understand your concerns and fear, and will work hard to get a favorable result. Contact us today!