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Traffic violations are simple and straightforward, well in most of the cases at least. Most of the time, after a traffic violation, there is the simple process of admission of guilt and the simple payment of the citation online or via mail. The other, more complex option though would be going to traffic court.

Before going into traffic court procedures, it is important to note that procedures here vary by jurisdiction. Depending on the type of violation, the procedures might be different from one locality to another. The best option when going to traffic court is to talk to a traffic attorney. Indiana, for instance, has an online payment portal for those who choose to deal with their payments themselves. However, not all tickets are eligible for online payment.

The typical process

Just like any other court process, there is an arraignment in court. Most traffic citations have specific instructions detailing when and where to go to court. Most of the time, there is a clerk or bailiff that explains or gives an overview of the process. The judge then calls off names from a list, most of the time arranged alphabetically. When you hear your name, you typically have to approach and state your plea, which can either be a guilty or not guilty one.

Admitting fault (guilty plea) is the same as agreeing to pay a fine via mail, online or by delivering cash personally. It might seem like a stretch, but judges can sometimes give judges a break if they plead their case in court.

The other option would be to do traffic school. In Indiana, the mandatory defensive driving program has to be attended for those that have either received two or more convictions within two months, or those that are under 21 and have received any combination of two traffic violations or two accidents within the previous 12 months. Those who fall under any of these categories must complete their course within 90 days.

The trial

Trials in traffic court are fairly simple, but for someone without the experience, you might find the experience particularly challenging. Going through a traffic trial, or any trial for that matter, requires a lot of preparation, legal knowhow and skills in the courtroom. This is where trial traffic court attorneys come in. Our lawyers will be on hand to prevent advantages of being convicted of moving offences in Indiana such as;

Driving record points

In Indiana, when you are convicted in any moving violations case, points are added to your driving record. The points will normally vary according to the violation, but generally, the more severe the violation, the bigger the points tally.

License revocation

Sometimes, with too many infractions, you might end up having your driver’s license revoked. This can especially be costly for those who rely on their ability to drive to get to work, school or move around and run errands. Infractions that lead to license revocations include driving under the influence, having multiple traffic violations and driving without the legally required minimum insurance.


The driving record is one of the most important factors insurance companies use to determine your auto insurance rates. If you have a spotless driving record, and have not been in too many accidents, then it is likely that you will see lower rates than those that have issues with their record. Hiring a lawyer to help win the fight against that traffic ticket and keep your record clean can be the key to lower insurance premiums. This will end up saving as much as hundreds of dollars at a time.

Need a lawyer?

Go for that lawyer with a strong reputation and positive record. A good record and reputation is important for two reasons; the judges and clerks in the courtroom will likely know and have heard about them. This mutual respect increases the chances of getting a good deal. If they have a strong record, this means they know what they are doing.

Another important factor to consider is the experience and area of specialization. Any service provider that has been doing the same thing for a long time gets better at it. However, perhaps the most important aspect is the choice of a lawyer that specializes in this type of cases. It seems simple and straightforward, but getting a lawyer that only devotes their time to traffic cases will means you will be in the best hands. The lawyer will know what to focus on and what to avoid during the case, and will know the ins and outs of the local traffic courts.

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